Lady Gaga: Video with Beyonce was Success, Working on Music Together Next


If you take a poker face, a diva, a discostick, then upgrade it…what do you get? A Beyonce and Lady Gaga collaboration, obvs. The two decided to redo Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” with a Gaga twist, which caused those on set to pen the name “Ge-yonce,” which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I think Lady-once sounds better. Or Ga-gonce. Or just…Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Our first thought is…what will they wear?! In typical Gaga form, she’s doing the unexpected: “‘I don’t want to show up in some frickin’ hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video.’ I said, ‘I want to do you,” she told Beyonce. Meaning…no Kermit the Frog suit.

We bet Thierry Mugler is salivating right now at the thought of designing for the new unlikely duo. We’re definitely pumped. They should tour together and call it the “Single Ladies Just Dance in Halos.” Thoughts?