The First of Lady Gaga’s Four V Magazine Covers Is Here

Meghan Blalock
lady gaga v magazine

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For the Fall issue of V Magazine, Lady Gaga stars on not one but four different covers, the first of which was just released by the magazine. In a Saint Laurent jacket she confirmed via Twitter was custom-made for her, Gaga (shot by her favorite fashion-photog duo Inez + Vinoodh) harkens back to her late teenaged years, when she was a struggling singer on the Lower East Side who wore lots of sparkles and had brunette locks with bangs.

lady gaga lady starlight

Gaga, in blue, with her friend and DJ Lady Starlight, back in 2006.

The pop superstar told People that the shoot was a tough one for her to do, because it recalled painful memories from that period of her life. “That look was very hard for me because that is how I looked when I was 19 until I was 21 years old … Maybe longer,” she says. “I got my hair cut like that when I was 18 and all these really painful things happened during this time.”

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For one of the inside shots, Gaga poses (no surprise here, perhaps) partially nude and covered in black smudges. In another, she appears not quite as naked, looking fresh-faced and pretty. The three remaining covers will be revealed at various as of yet-unannounced intervals. But we do know the three other designers she wears (all custom): Balenciaga, Versace, and Armani.

lady gaga v magazine 2

And just for fun, here’s the expectedly bizarre video Gaga uploaded to YouTube today to promote her just-released song “Applause.”

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