Lady Gaga Wrote a Song About Boyfriend Taylor Kinney For New Album ‘Artpop’

Meghan Blalock

lady gaga taylor kinney

Lady Gaga did a Twitter Q&A session today, and the topic was her forthcoming album “ARTPOP.” The pop star has been linked for a while now to “Vampire Diaries” star Taylor Kinney, and from the sound of things, their relationship is still going strong.

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During the chat, a fan asked if Gaga had written a song about her beau, and Gaga said,”‘Temple.'” Later, when a fan asked if the song has any religious connotations, Gaga wrote, “No. But it’s about feeling safe with someone so beautiful on the inside and out. Like Venus making love to a God. Protection.” She went on to say, “… my life has changed so much in 5 years, I crave something human. Love. The kind I’m experiencing is otherworldly.”

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There you have it, folks! Gaga and Kinney are definitely still together, and Gaga loves him enough to pen a song about him on her next album. The record comes out November 11, and we cannot wait to hear this song in particular.

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