Gross: Lady Gaga Let a Girl Puke on Her During a Performance

Meghan Blalock

Lady Gaga has been largely absent from the general pop culture scene over the past few months—aside from the random high-fashion auction here and there—but she made a very Gaga-esque return to the headlines with her performance last night at Austin music festival South by Southwest.

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During her song “Swine” from her latest album “Artpop,” Gaga invited a guest onto the stage to join her in the performance. The girl then chugged a giant bottle of some kind of green liquid before purging it back up—all over the pop star. Of course, there are already tons of GIFs of the fiasco. Check it out:

lady gaga sxsw 2

lady gaga sxsw

The woman in question isn’t just a random girl who happens to be able to vomit on command—it’s performance artist Millie Brown, who calls herself a “vomit painter.” We weren’t aware that was a title a person might actually boast, but apparently it is.

Somehow, it almost feels refreshing to see Gaga up to her old, avant-garde shenanigans. It’s comforting, as if the music world just isn’t complete without her doing incredibly weird things.

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