Lady Gaga Reveals Her New Tattoo—and Her Bare Butt—on Instagram

Leah Bourne

Lady Gaga already has quite a few tattoos, but the singer added another recently, sharing the experience with her followers on Instagram. Oh, and she also shared a photo of her naked butt, too.

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Gaga is in Europe on her ArtPop tour, but found time for a session with her go-to tattoo artist Eric Gonzales of Deer’s Eye Studio, and wasn’t shy about showing skin while revealing ink that appears to be a monster hand with long nails and a scaled wrists. “Uh Oh…it’s time monsters,” she shared in a caption, adding: “Paws Up.”

Leave it to Gaga to combine two huge celebrity trends of the moment—tattoos and showing off your naked ass on Instagram.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s latest ink? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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