Lady Gaga Secretly Dating Her Ex



We recently reported that Lady Gaga wants a boyfriend, but it sounds like Gaga is staying one step ahead of the press — she’s in a relationship right now, and it’s with a recent ex.

All this according to orbiting web chatter that broke over the weekend. The 23-year-old singer has reunited with her ex Matthew Williams, a stylist whom Gaga dated as she prepared to make her pop culture explosion last year.

Apparently Matthew Williams and Lady Gaga were on-and-off in their romance while Gaga was trying to make her big break, and after they split, a new flame of Williams’ had his child. Here’s what a source told a British tabloid about how Gaga’s dealing with her boyfriend’s child: “She gave him the nickname Dada and is very comfortable with his baby boy. When they first went out it lasted for about 12 months. But she was so focused on music that she knew it wouldn’t work out. Over the last year they’ve gotten close again and have been on a number of dates. The feelings they had never disappeared.”

But will we see Gaga go low-profile now that she’s said to be in love? Nah. “Her priority is definitely still work,” says the source, an alleged friend of Lady Gaga. However, says the pal, “She shows a softer side when she’s with him.” (Maybe all this explains the photos we saw last week of Lady Gaga holding a baby!?)

Lady Gaga wants to be in love! She’s also teamed up with Cyndi Lauper to do great things for women — the duo are using glamour to raise awareness about HIV prevention.

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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