Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney, and More: Videos From Before They Were Famous


There are a slew of things celebrities don’t want going public: any given drunk night that ends in some kind of bodily harm, that ONE TIME there weren’t any clean underpants, those triple X photos sent via e-mail–because “I totally trusted him”–or any excursion to CVS to buy prophylactics. (Us common plebeians meanwhile don’t worry about events like the above going public because fundamentally no one cares.)

Perhaps the most embarrassing moments to go public for any individual (regardless of celebrity status) are anything captured on childhood home videos. With that said, here’s a look back at some famous female singers’ pre-celebrity status videos:

Lady Gaga (above) and below, performing at the Bitter End in 2006:

Before Lady Gaga was the moving costume wardrobe she is today, she was Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta and evidentally a brunette. While Lady Gaga’s epic stage presence has changed since her days at the Bitter End, you can catch snippets of her firey personality even before she became a chart topper.

Beyonce performing in 2009:

Beyonce performing “Home” from The Wiz at age 8:

Beyonce’s young, raw talent was evident at such a young age that it seemed almost natural for Beyonce to form Destiny’s Child while still a pre-teen. Although Beyonce may have embarked on a solo career since then, her vocal talent shined brightly as a child and has become even more impressive since then.

Rihanna performing in 2009:

Rihanna performing “Hero” by Mariah Carey at age 14:

Despite the fact that Rihanna more or less butchers this Mariah Carey single– don’t fret RiRi, not everyone has a five octave range like Mariah (S)carey– her stage presence and empowered stance bodes well for the young singer. While this may not have been the best song choice to perform, you can tell Rihanna was meant to aggressively stand in the spotlight…

Christina Aguilera performing in 2005:

Christina Aguilera performing on Star Search at age 8:

Who would have guessed that in the media spurred rivalry between X-tina and Britney that Christina would have won? Regardless of her pin-up and sex kitten persona, there is no arguing that Christina Aguilera’s vocal talent is truly impressive, even as a child.

Britney Spears performing in 2009:

Britney Spears performing on Star Search at age 10:

Oh Brit Brit… Things took a pretty sharp left for you, didn’t they? You may be crazy now, but there is still no overlooking your genuine skill in entertaining that is clearly apparent in this Star Search performance.

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Amy Winehouse
performing in 2008:

Amy Winehouse
performing on The Fast Show in 1997:

Amy Winehouse is the little girl on the rock performing in this episode of The Fast Show— a BBC comedy sketch show. We still can’t believe that’s her real name.

Fergie performing in 2009:

Fergie performing on Kids Incorporated at age 9:

Stacy Ann Ferguson is more commonly recognized by her stage name Fergie. She is also barely recognizable in this video from Kids Incorporated— an American children’s television show. While most of the other celebrities on this list vaguely resemble their young selves, Fergie looks incredibly different today. For better or for worse? What do you think?

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