Lady Gaga Might Actually Think She’s A Martian


Lady Gaga continues her galactic domination with another magazine cover, and this time, her Born This Way alien flesh-horns and a leather look from the Fall 2011 Mugler collection make an appearance. i-D Magazine‘s summer issuetitled “The Exhibitionist Issue”might feature nearly naked ladies on the cover, but “is a celebration of clothes designed to be put on, to show off.”

Though they’re lacking on the outside, there’s sure to be a surplus of summer clothes on the issue’s interiorI’m certain that Nicola Formichetti styled Gaga in nothing but Mugler, considering the girl loves it so much, she bought the entire collection. The last two covers haven’t been released, but if the names in fine print on the bottom are any indication, the mystery models are Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss. You can get your paws (Gaga reference, duh) on the new i-D on March 24.