Lady Gaga: ‘I Wear Michael Jackson’s Clothes When I’m Feeling Down’

Meghan Blalock

As you may recall, when a grouping of pop legend Michael Jackson’s tour clothing—think: crystal glove, rhinestone socks, the “Bad” jacket—went up for auction earlier this year, Lady Gaga was the number one bidder. She purchased 55 items that once belonged to the King of Pop, totaling up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She hasn’t really spoken publicly about her purchases, aside from announcing to the world that she made them. But when she visited “The Ellen Show” this week, she opened up about her MJ collection.

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“I heard they were auctioning off his tour clothes, and these are my most prized possessions,” Gaga explained. “I imagine that he felt the same way, and I really wanted to preserve that for him. It made me kind of crazy, the idea that a bunch of rich people would all buy one piece, then they get scattered to the winds.”

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“I would never dare wear the ‘Thriller’ jacket,” she went on. “There’s a couple pieces that spoke to me that they were okay with it. There’s a letterman sweater that just says ‘MJ’ on it, and a jacket. I don’t go out in them, but when I’m in the studio or if I’m feeling down, I’ll wear them. I think he would have been okay with that.”

Watch Gaga share the rest of her insight into MJ’s stage wardrobe below!