Lady Gaga Loves Vintage Versace In New “Edge of Glory” Video


Lady Gaga‘s music video for “Edge of Glory,” the third from her album Born This Way, premiered last night and (dare I say it?) it’s kind of tame. In a simple clip that could be straight out of the ’80s, Gaga appears solosave for a short cameo by saxophone player Clarence Clemonsand dances down a smoky city street before giving us her best Flashdance interpretation on a fire escape.

The video seems to be a love note to her hometown New York City, a bygone era, and to the late designer Gianni Versace, since Gaga is dressed exclusively in vintage Versace throughout. Her only look is a strappy black leather top with matching shortsaccented with gold studs and the label’s signature Medusa medallionspaired with a silk printed shirt that’s unmistakably Versace.

Although the “Edge of Glory” video lacks the theatrics we’ve come to expect from Gaga, we appreciate her stripped-down one-woman show and that the retro clip pays homage to all of the pop stars who came before her. That being said, let the Madonna and Michael Jackson comparisons begin.