Why Lady Gaga Is Threatening To Sue The Maker Of An ‘Easy Access’ Denim Line

Valeria Nekhim

Lady Gaga Album cover JPEG

Lady Gaga has spoken candidly about Queen’s song “Radio Gaga” inspiring her stage name, but the singer and her lawyers won’t tolerate a denim line called “GAGAJEANS,” according to a legal letter obtained by RadarOnline.

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Philip Scott has designed a collection of  “sexitized easy access jeans” with a horizontal zipper across the crotch area, and recently filed a trademark request to call the pants “GAGAJEANS.” On his website, it reads: “when you see someone real fine-looking wearing them, your mind can only go one place and that is to the zipper.”

According to Gaga’s attorneys, Smith also posted comments on several Lady Gaga videos with the intention of luring fans to his website, gagajeans.co., which has since been suspended (and now features a rambling note from Smith.)

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Gaga’s legal squad fired back with a letter that says “your use and registration of the GAGAJEANS mark is likely to cause confusion, mistake, and deception of consumers that Lady Gage is affiliated with or has sponsored, endorsed, or is otherwise associated with your jeans, and is also likely to dilute the distinctiveness of our client’s trademark.”

Basically, they want Scott to confirm in writing that he’ll cease doing anything that uses Lady Gaga’s name in any shape or form by Oct.10, unless he wants a lawsuit on his hands.

However, in a letter responding to Gaga’s lawyers, Smith claims his trademark search revealed the name Gagajeans wasn’t being used and he could apply for it, i.e. he didn’t do anything wrong and won’t abandon the application.

“If the application is denied by the trademark office (which is likely), I will not use it. But until then, take a chill pill and wait for the trademark office to do their job!” He wrote. Talk about chutzpah!

In closing, he writes, “Gaga is a word that has many meanings … But none of those meanings are of a rich female singer who uses her wealth and power and position to harass, bully and slander in order to get her way no matter what it takes, even though she already has more than most but just wants more and more even if it means taking it from others. Actually, I guess that could be the meaning of ‘Lady Gaga!” Touché.

Just yesterday, the 27-year-old “Applause” singer took to Twitter to share the image for her third studio album, “ARTPOP”, which was created in partnership with American art legend Jeff Koons and features a naked Gaga rendered in the artist’s signature 3D style. Not that we’re saying she needs the extra publicity, but with Miley Cyrus on the scene — it certainly can’t hurt.

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