A Welsh Woman Spent More Than $100,000 To Look Like Lady Gaga! See The Results Here

Julie Gerstein

Sure, you like Lady Gaga, but probably not as much as Donna Marie Trego. She’s a 38-year-old living in Cardiff, Wales, who earns a living as a Gaga impersonator, and she’s spent more than $100,000 to emulate the pop star.



Trego began impersonating Gaga in 2010 with just six homemade outfits and a dream. Now she has more than 40 outfits—including a bra with built-in pyrotechnics—and a team of dancers. She’s made Gaga her life, and the superstar’s success is intrinsically tied to her own.

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Where’s all the money gone? She’s spent thousands on wigs, shoes, and props, a screen, projector, and set. And then there are the special items, like her sparking bra, ram mask (which cost around $3,000 alone) and blue leather jacket emossed with Swarovski crystals, which clocked in at around $2,000.

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She’s now performed as Gaga around the world, even traveling as far as Singapore, Macao, and Bahrain. She’s planning a tour of Poland for this year.

“I am constantly watching her and how she evolves so I can get it right. It’s an amazing thing,” said Trego. “She’s taken over my life. My house is full of costumes. There’s a bit of Gaga in every room.”