Lady Gaga Has an 8-Year-Old Impersonator



I can’t decide: is this the cutest or creepiest thing we’ve seen today? You be the judge. Eight-year-old Brazilian beb and Lady Gaga wannabe Laura Fontana has just rocked a televised talent show in her native country…maybe we should just chalk this up to cultural differences?

We wish we could translate more of this Brazilian brilliance– where’s Nelly Furtado when you need her? Anyway, little Gaga shakes it out on Qual e o Seu Talento (“What Is Your Talent?). Her Gaga tracks of choice? “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi.” (Thank goodness she mumbles most of the words, clearly not understanding what “I want your disease” translates to in Portuguese). She writhes on the floor and does the chicken-leg wiggle while her mother fawns on in tears, making it unclear whether she’s proud or demented.

Have a peek at the video for yourself (below), then read how Gaga’s claiming to be celibate— we don’t need sex to be loved, she says. Meanwhile, wonder if Laura Fontana will return Gaga’s favor and get “Little Gaga” tattooed on her arm? Okay, stick-on tattoo?

Check out the footage of Laura Fontana below:

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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