Lady Gaga Gives Birth, Gets Raunchy In Born This Way Video


Today is a big day for all of you Little Monsters out thereLady Gaga released her new video for her latest single, Born This Way. Coming off the heels of Alejandro and Bad Romance, we expected something theatrical, outrageous and a little bit weird (OK, maybe a lot weird), and that’s exactly what we got.

Lady Gaga is quite the chameleon, and in this Nick Knight-directed clip, she portrays Mother Monster, who births a new race that’s free of prejudice and judgement, and who struggles with the simultaneous birth of evil. Heady, right?

When it comes to the fashion, we’re not quite sure who outfitted the superstar, but there’s a very McQueen-esque look right at the beginning, which Gaga paired with some sick Pamela Love earrings and an eyeball on her chinand the ever-popular pink hair trend makes an appearance or two. Nicola Formichetti‘s styling influence is evident once again, and his Mugler muse Rick Genest (AKA “Zombie Boy”) makes a lengthy cameo; Gaga even paints her face and dons a tux to look just like him.

If you can get past the creepy alien shtick and gross, kaleidoscopic vaginal references which there are plenty ofthe video is really enjoyable. On a final note, Gaga’s body looks absolutely fantasticcan we get her trainer’s name and number please?