5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lady Gaga’s ‘G.U.Y.’ Video

Meghan Blalock

Lady Gaga premiered her first music video in months over the weekend, for her second single of her album “Artpop.” The song’s called “G.U.Y.,” which actually stands for “Girl Under You,” and the video marks the official comeback of one of the world’s greatest pop stars. It has all the traits Gaga made herself known for: epic visuals, lots of gay overtones, and plenty of poppy choreography. And we loved every second.

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There are plenty of things the world at large is talking about with this video: there’s a cameo by all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, during which they’re wearing matching bubblegum pink outfits and playing various musical instruments. At one point, Gaga resurrects Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ, and Gandhi all at one time, then injects herself with Gandhi’s blood. All in a day’s work for Gaga.

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But there are also a few things you might not know about the video. Check out the top five unknown facts about Gaga’s latest effort below!

1. “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen not only has a cameo in the video as the Greek god Zeus, but he recorded his reaction to seeing the video for the first time. And it’s amazing.

2. For the scene when she becomes a video game character, Gaga cast an actual Minecraft expert named Adam to star alongside her.

3.When she’s lying on the pool on her red leather floatie, she’s wearing a Versace cut-out bathing suit and a pair of custom Ruthie Davis heels. We got our hands on the original sketch!

Lady Gaga G.U.Y. Custom Ruthie Davis

Photos: Courtesy of Ruthie Davis

4. Gaga didn’t release the official single art until after the video premiere, which is the opposite order from how she normally does things. Check it out:

5. When Gaga appears as part lego, she’s paying homage to real-life artist Nathan Sawaya, who builds sculptures out of the popular children’s toys. And he also designed other set pieces for the video.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.11.33 AM

Photo: Taken from Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” video

Watch the full video below!