Links To Click: $12,000 For Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Nail, Designers Dress Hillary Clinton, More

Meghan Blalock

nail close up nail close up original Links To Click: $12,000 For Lady Gagas Acrylic Nail, Designers Dress Hillary Clinton, MoreTake a mid-afternoon break to see what made our reading list today!

1. More like the edge of crazy: a devout Lady Gaga fan spent $12,000 to buy one of the pop star’s old acrylic nails. Yuck. [The Vivant]

2. Ever wondered how Proenza Schouler would dress Hillary Clinton? Now you can find out! [The Cut]

3. Shop celebrity closets for charity! It doesn’t get much better than that. [Tradesy]

4. Oh, jeez. Kardashian mama Kris Jenner is getting her own television show; here’s a sneak peek. [Radar]

5. From Nicole Richie to the Olsens, here’s the best beauty from last night’s CFDA Awards. [Beauty High]

6. Ice cream lovers, rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s has committed to omitting genetically modified ingredients from their frozen treats. [Huffington Post]

7. Justin Bieber teased fans with the cover art for his new single. [Instagram]

8. Find out what Olivia Wilde’s biggest red carpet makeup mistake is. [Daily Makeover]

9. Jada Pinkett Smith took to her Facebook wall to defend BeyoncĂ©’s skimpy costumes during Gucci’s Sound of Change charity concert. [Facebook]