Lady Gaga Fully Fell Off Stage During Her Las Vegas Concert & We’re Not Sure What To Do

Lady Gaga.
Photo: Image: Stephen Lovekin/BEI/Shutterstock.

What a weird video to wake up too. Watching Lady Gaga fall off the stage in this video and then getting dropped by a fan during her concert in Las Vegas is too much. The “Bad Romance” singer often invites a few lucky fans to join her on stage—what a treat!—but it turned out not so great last night. A fan literally picked Lady Gaga up and started dancing around with her. She seemed alright with it though, even went along with it, wrapping her legs around the excited fan. They were too close to the edge of the stage, however, and both fell OFF the stage and into the crowd.

Ouch! That honestly had to hurt. Naturally, Twitter has a lot to say on the matter. We totally feel for Gaga and wow, it looked painful, but fans are pointing out that it was also kind of hilarious because the spotlight followed the fall. Like WHY @spotlightrunner? Lucky or unlucky for us, fans captured this catastrophe from pretty much every possible angle in the stadium. It seriously looks like it hurt a lot. We’re hoping Gaga is OK, considering it looks like she went down first. Imagine being the guy who dropped Lady Gaga. IMAGINE. Yikes. Fortunately, Gaga was her gracious self and was super kind to the guy who dropped her. He apparently started crying but she brought him backstage and then asked the internet to leave him alone/be nice.

Luckily, Gaga is alright. And so is the guy who dropped her. Phew! Gaga Media posted on Twitter about the fall too, saying, “Lady Gaga had an unfortunate fall off the stage tonight at Enigma after a fan picked her up and tripped. Gaga crashed down first with the fan falling on top of her. She got right back up and continued the show. We hope both her and the fan are okay.”

The Grammy Award winner took to Instagram to share her post-show routine, which includes ice baths and hot baths. Sounds pretty nice. But we’re guessing she really needed it after that unfortunate moment.

We’re guessing Mama Monster will do some extra stretches and get some good R&R before her next show. We’re also pretty positive she won’t let another fan pick her up again…but you never know! Gaga reassured the crowd repeatedly that “Everything was OK,” so that’s good.