Whoa: Lady Gaga Sports Hideous Fake Teeth at YouTube Music Video Awards

Laurel Pinson
Lady Gaga dentures

Getty Images

Lady Gaga‘s new album, “ArtPop,” doesn’t officially launch until next week, but the star has been on a promotional sprint for months, starting with a naked performance art video, created in collaboration with renowned performance artist Marina Abromavic, in early August. After months of pared-down “artist chic” outfits and appearances, Gaga went back to avant garde ways on a grand European tour — wearing sheer dresses, drawn-on mustaches, and a giant bird-like costume.

Her latest foray into statement dressing appears to be a bizarre take a grill: Gaga turned up at YouTube’s first Video Music Awards over the weekend sporting some seriously disturbing-looking fake teeth.

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Her outfit itself was surprisingly frills-free — a leather shirt dress, sunglasses, and a hat — so the effect of her monstrous, dentures-baring grin was pretty jarring (as was the fact she subtly resembled Michael Jackson.) Gaga often employs a “shock and awe” strategy when it comes to the red carpet, and her outfits of late have certainly looked to push boundaries, from completely sheer white dresses to straight-up black bras worn as tops in public. As wardrobe stunts go, we have to say, this one certainly got a reaction from us.

She took the dentures out when it came time to perform, hitting the stage to debut her new song, “Dope,” wearing a trucker hat, plaid shirt, and a mousy-brown wig. With all these wardrobe changes, it’s getting a little tough to suss out a theme — is it art? Is it just shock value? You be the judge.