See Every Insane Outfit Worn By Lady Gaga During Her Grand Tour of Europe

Meghan Blalock

Lady Gaga is currently doing a fairly grand tour of Europe, having started in Berlin and making her way to London. And the entire journey from city to city has been all about one thing: Gaga’s at times insane (though generally amazing) fashion choices.

While the pop star—formerly known as Stefani Germanotta—is known far and wide for her avant-garde sartorial choices, she’s really taken it to the next level during this particular European jaunt, trying to show us she’s less about  shock value and more about making an artistic statement, especially since that’s the theme of her new album ARTPOP, which she’s been deftly promoting.

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Gaga’s fashion choices have melted into being vague pieces of performance art, including wearing a sheer dress with absolutely nothing underneath to a chunk of broken wall in Berlin, and  leaving her London hotel in no wig and barefoot just this morning. And she never just casually steps out anywhere—she’s adopted a very purposeful way of moving: slowly, delicately, as if she were dancing on stage instead of walking out of her hotel.

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It’s all very interesting; click through the gallery to see all Gaga’s looks in their full glory!