Wait, Lady Gaga is Wearing … Milly?

Meghan Blalock

We’re used to seeing Lady Gaga wear an array of eclectic, high-end, couture brands on the red carpet—in the past, she’s favored names like Alexander McQueen, Mugler, Balenciaga, and the like—but her latest designer turn really surprised us. For her big arrival at her show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom on April 2, the envelope-pushing pop star wore a custom sequin suit created by department store mainstay Milly

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We’ll admit, our first response was: “Huh?” Milly is a brand that conjures more images of Upper East Side “Gossip Girl” chic than the downtown-influenced, edgy, and often downright weird style Gaga is known for wearing. To be sure, Milly has dressed celebrities in the past, but it’s typically names like Lea Michele, Chrissy Teigen, and Rachel Bilson, but seeing a press release that included both “Gaga” and “Milly” was a surprise—even if the custom outfit does involve head-to-toe black sequins.

To make matters more interesting, this isn’t the first outing this week where Gaga has embraced a notably more mainstream brand: the custom metallic outfit Gaga wore at another one of her shows was custom designed by DKNY. That look, too, certainly was Gaga-fied—a purple metallic crop top, hot shorts, and coordinating jacket. Maybe a trend of Gaga embracing a more approachable set of fashion labels?

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Click through the gallery above to see Gaga’s Milly look from every angle, and let us know if you would have ever guessed it was by Milly!