Links to Click: Lady Gaga Wears Crepe Paper Dress, Somali Pirates Hate Britney Spears Songs, More

Meghan Blalock
Lady Gaga Is Looking A Little Pale These Days

Photo: Fame FlyNet

Today, the Internet brought us the truly weird and bizarre, most of it from the world of pop culture. Enjoy!

1. Lady Gaga braved London’s worst storm in 10 years, stepping out in blustering winds wearing a dress constructed entirely of crepe paper. [Daily Mail]

2. The best way to prevent Somali pirates from attacking you? Blasting Britney Spears music, apparently. [Time]

3. If you’ve got a teeny little apartment (as does pretty much everyone in NYC), this will be helpful to you: 9 simple ways to make your home look bigger. [The Vivant]

4. In case you haven’t noticed, today’s Google doodle pays homage to legendary costume designer Edith Head on what would be her 116th birthday. Check it out. [Google]

5. Over-tweezed eyebrows, chipped manicures, oh my! Here are 10 quick fixes to your most pressing beauty problems. [Beauty High]

6.  When she’s not scaring off approaching pirates, Britney is busy making really awkward Halloween videos with the BBC. [YouTube]

7. Want to burn fat while doing nothing at all? Us too! Here’s 11 ways to boost your metabolism all day long. [Daily Makeover]

8. Famed Japanese cats Maru and Hana are back! This just-released video shows them at their cute-as-sin best. [Cute Overload]