Lady Gaga Cover War: Born This Way Vs. Harper’s Bazaar

Lady Gaga Cover War: Born This Way Vs. Harper’s Bazaar
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This week was huge for Lady Gaga fans: her May 2011 Harper’s Bazaar cover story was released, she debuted her second single, “Judas,” from Born This Way and early this morning, she unveiled the cover art for the album, which drops on May 23.

The Born This Way image is not at all what I was expecting from Gaga, which was more of the “I’m a martian with pink hair and weird facial flesh horns” look that she’s been pushing really hard lately.

Instead, she went the heavy metal route, and Nick Knight captured her in black and whitesave for the blood-red lipslooking like she’s right out of a scene in one of the Transformers or Terminator movies. Gaga must be going through a Judas Priest phase: not only is “Judas” the name of her single, Priest’s album art for Painkiller must have served as inspiration for the Born This Way cover.

On the other hand, the subscribers’ cover for the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar is much more glam, and Gaga wears a beautiful black suit and knife platforms by Mugler.

Shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Nicola Formichetti, Bazaar is the clear winner in my book. It demonstrates Gaga’s dramatic, good-humored approach to high fashionas well as her appreciation for itand her desire to make fashion fun is one of the main reasons why I love her.

Which of Lady Gaga’s most recent covers is your favorite?