Wait, What?! Lady Gaga Wears Insane Bird Outfit in Berlin

Meghan Blalock
lady gaga chicken

Photos: Gaga Daily

Lady Gaga is in Berlin right now, gearing up for a special performance of her forthcoming album “ARTPOP” for all her German Little Monster. As such, she’s been out and about rocking some particularly avant-garde outfits—like wrapping herself in what amounts to bedsheets—and then this one, which she stepped out of her hotel wearing this morning.

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Her ensemble consists of a mustard wrap dress, a fur coat, and what appears to be a giant headpiece with a bird beak. While it might be obvious to state that she’s simply dressed as a bird, there’s might also be a bit of an homage to Egyptian headresses here, both in terms of the silhouette and the gold stripe that runs down the front of the mask.

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We have to say, we love that Gaga seems to be ditching her chicer looks from the likes of Balmain and Balenciaga, and going back to her over-the-top signature style of dressing.

What do you think Gaga is going for here? Sound off in the comments below!

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