Lady Gaga Lookalike Edward Vigiletti Guest Stars in Beyoncé’s ‘Haunted’ Video

Meghan Blalock

As we assume many people did this weekend, we binge-watched all 17 of Beyoncé’s brand-spankin’ new videos that comprise her self-titled visual album, which she dropped unexpectedly Friday at midnight. And while the viewing in general was one “OMG” and “Yasssssss!” after another, there was one frame during Bey’s “Haunted” video that caught our eye and had us reaching for the pause button. Check it out:

lady gaga beyonce cropped

Doesn’t this look like fellow vocalist—and one of Bey’s closest friends amongst her so-called female pop star competitionLady Gaga? The brown eyes, the same nose, the same brows; and this woman is rocking Gaga’s preferred makeup palette as of late: extremely minimal. Here’s another shot of her that appears shortly after the first:

lady gaga beyonce 2

This frame looks even more like Gaga. The video depicts a dominatrix-inspired Beyoncé wandering the halls of a mansion and encountering various characters who, you might expect, she seems to be “haunted” by. Could Gaga be one of them? We did a little digging and came across this Instagram post, made by one of the extras on Bey’s set.

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lady gaga beyonce 3

Photo via Operation Gaga

So, what say you? Is this Lady Gaga, or just an extra dolled up to look remarkably similar to her? Considering what Queen Bey and Mother Monster have never had anything but positive things to say about one another, we hardly think Bey would aim to dig at Gaga in her video; it seems all the more likely that Bey would actually secretly cast her to make a cameo.

UPDATE: As it turns out, the mysterious woman in question is not a woman at all: it’s Edward Vigiletti, a Los Angeles-based performance artist who is a well-known Lady Gaga lookalike. Check out this awesome GIF of him transforming to Gaga!

lady gaga lookalike


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