Lady Gaga Has Been Dropping Hints About Her New Album Title All Along

Lady Gaga
Photo: Stephen Lovekin/BEI/Shutterstock.

Little Monsters are already convinced about this Lady Gaga album title 2020 “Chromatica” clue. Fans picked up on the word after looking closely at a promotional billboard for the pop star’s new music. Written in a highly stylized font, “Chromatica” rests in the center of the image—leading many to believe it must be the name of Mother Monster’s forthcoming album. #LG6 just got a whole lot more interesting.

The detective work started shortly after the pop star, a.k.a. Stefani Germanotta, shared her new single “Stupid Love” on Friday, Feb. 26. (Although fans already got a glimpse at the “Stupid Love” lyrics’ meaning prior, thanks to the fact that the song leaked  on Twitter and Snapchat). Fans noticed the potential “Chromatica” title in the artwork for the “Stupid Love” track below.

If the word sounds familiar, it’s probably because it has musical connotations. “Chromatic” (all we’re missing is the ‘a’), is often associated with the chromatic scale—essentially any musical scale that spans 12 pitches, each a semitone apart. Some fans have taken this to mean that we can expect a dozen tracks on #LG6. Others noted the general connection to Lady Gaga’s musical scale tattoo, which may have been a hint all along.

However, some Monsters are undecided that the word has much to do with an album name, per se. Instead, it might be a branding strategy. If we’re thinking of the root word “chroma”—a.k.a. a “quality of color combining hue and saturation”—it makes sense to recall Lady Gaga’s beauty collaboration with Haus Labs.

And it seems Gaga has already clued us into this in the past: “Let’s just say Haus Laboratory is a colorful place,” she told beauty YouTuber NikkiTutorials in Dec. 2019, “and so will my music [be].”

Perhaps there’s a promotional campaign in the works with Haus Labs that will coincide with #LG6—there have been lots of pink hues, after all.