Lady Gaga May Have Just Hinted At A New Album & Collab—We Need Answers

Kim Wong-Shing
Lady Gaga
Photo: Shutterstock.

Hey, remember when Lady Gaga was a musician? The singer has been so busy with other ventures that she hasn’t released an original solo album since 2016. But today, Lady Gaga’s Adele collab clue dropped onTwitter out of nowhere, and now fans are freaking out about a possible upcoming album. Gaga, you better not be joking!

Over the past few years, Lady Gaga has taken her talents outside of the recording booth. She won an Oscar for her performance in A Star Is Born, and more recently, she’s been promoting her new makeup brand Haus Laboratories, which went live on Amazon last week. Her last musical venture was the A Star Is Born soundtrack which Gaga co-wrote with her co-star who she is definitely not dating, Bradley Cooper. She hasn’t released an album as an independent artist since 2016’s Joanne. That is kind of a long time, dontcha think? It may finally be time for another album.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter on October 1 to make this somewhat mystifying announcement: “I’m calling my next album ADELE.” The tweet has caused a flurry of speculation. We aren’t sure if Gaga is going to name her album after the singer Adele, or if perhaps the name is a coincidence. Or maybe she’s even—gasp!—hinting at a duet with the fellow singer?

The latter option would definitely be exciting. Like Gaga, Adele is rumored to have new music coming out soon. She’s been involved in other duet rumors—just last weekend, people were speculating that an Adele and Beyoncé duet was on the horizon, but it turned out to be a joke. Gaga’s tweet may be a joke, too, in reference to the recent kerfluffle.

In any case, fans need answers. Replies to Gaga’s tweet include “GIRL HUH?!?”, “is this real?”, “???” and “turn your location on I wanna fight.” Anything is possible at this point!