Lady Gaga 2010: The Year In Fashion

Kerry Pieri
Lady Gaga 2010: The Year In Fashion
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If one woman makes it her life’s work to get photographed in outrageous ensembles, the least we can do is put together a decent retrospective of those looks. We love Lady Gaga for all of her beautiful insanity, her penchant for fishnets and eschewing pants, and for giving us something to write about on slow news days.

The Lady‘s had quite a year: The Telephone video, Grammy awards, and she was just named the Most Charitable Star of 2010 by Thank you Gaga, this is for you…

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A glimpse of the 20 looks to come.

Just this week, Gaga channeled Victoriana and Old England, naturally.

And then, the next day, she was just as quickly in a leather moto sans pants while shopping in the UK.

Another London shot, with a fake bob and hip wings.

In all earnestness, Gaga is a girl who does plenty of good. And to do good while speaking during the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Grassroots Rally in support of repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' she thought it most convincing to wear an American flag tie, my Dad's glasses from 1984 and a man's suit.

In October, in London again (what's the deal with London?), Gaga showed off her gray locks and a 1920s flapper dress. Is it a sneak peek of Gaga in 2043?

Just look at how Yoko Ono is looking at her like she's certifiable. And Gaga's all like, 'What, you don't perform in lace catsuits? Cool hat, Yoko.'  

The meat dress heard around the world, designed by Franc Fernandez for the MTV Video Music Awards. In case you ever doubted it before, Gaga yearns for attention like a stripper with Daddy issues. And we love her for it.

...But then she also wore Alexander McQueen to the same event and looked quite regal!

If there were ever a place to embrace a shards of mirror look, it's Lollapalooza. She's gonna get you!

I don't know, it kind of looks like a body-sized condom paired with a fancy walking stick.

Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight (you know, just a couple of ladies) still at 'palooza. One of the ladies is wearing nipple pasties and a fishnet catsuit. Can you guess which one?

When Lady Gaga wears a Yankee's jersey to a Yankee game, she can't very well just pair it with jeans.

All leather performance gear – zexy.

I don't get it...

When in Berlin, one must always wear a cape.

This is just disrespectful, who writes on their Birkin? It apparently reads: 'I love small monster, Tokyo Love," and was defaced by art star Terence Koh, but that's no excuse.

Gaga pushing her MAC Viva Glam collab. This is her at her finest, looking equally hot and insane.

Back in London, sans pants, obv.

Borrowed from the captain of the football team with a penchant for bedazzling?

At the Grammys at the beginning of the year – Gaga the good witch in Armani. I just can't believe this is Armani.

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