A Lab Rat Gets The Fashion Treatment: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER

A Lab Rat Gets The Fashion Treatment: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER
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Whenever we ask for makeover candidates, it can be a little tricky to approach people with, “I think you need a makeover.” While we love our friends and relatives just the way they are, a makeover should not always be perceived as a judgement passed on the person. StyleCaster’s Director of Acquisition Marketing Samir Balwani nominated his girlfriend Avni Patel for the latest makeover.

Of course, Samir isn’t criticising Avni’s looks and just felt that his girlfriend deserved a day of unabashed girl time in the form of a StyleCaster makeover. Alas, happy to help one of our own, StyleCaster called upon retailer Club Monaco, the hair stylists and colorists of Mizu Salon and makeup artist Pamela Taylor to makeover Avni before a night out on the town with her boyfriend! Janice Chou

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Avni's before shot.

Clothing at Club Monaco. Because of her busy work schedule as a cellular therapy specialist, Avni needs clothes that are comfortable enough for her overwhelmingly long shifts but are still work appropriate. While she tends to wear neutral colors, StyleCaster's creative director Emily Finkbinder wanted to soften Avni's look by putting her in something more springtime appropriate from Club Monaco.

Adding subtle color to Avni's wardrobe was key." Avni's complexion looked great in the purple tones from this printed dress. The dress shape is loose enough for her to comfortably spend the entire day in, but feels pulled together because of the fabric and print," advises Emily Finkbinder.

Because the dress was a still a little lightweight for New York's temperatures, Finkbinder added a cropped jacket for Avni's look. "A cropped jacket flatters Avni's figure more than a longer blazer would. The jacket feels fitted without needing to cling to the body or be closed."

Haircut at Mizu Salon. Upon arrival, Avni's hair was long but healthy, as Avni does not excessively straighten or curl her hair, leaving the possibilities for her new hairstyle endless! Editorial stylist and Oribe educator Ronnie Stam of Mizu Salon in New York brought Avni's hair up a solid eight inches. The shorter length draws attention to Avni's big eyes and endearing smile.

Haircut aside, Avni's hair was colored in vein with the ombre tinted hair trend. However, because Avni does not want to dedicate her precious time to constant re-coloring, senior colorist Nico-Ralph Scibelli modified this trend to fit Avni's busy lifestyle. Rather than having an aggressive ombre hair color where overgrown roots giveway to ultra light tips, Scibelli gave Avni's over all hair color a caramel undertone and then dyed select pieces underneath; "The parts that are close to the scalp have a caramel undertone and the parts underneath we had to use a lightener to get through her dark hair color and then we toned it back a little." The result? A more mature and subtle ombre that won't need constant upkeep.

Makeup with Pamela Taylor. Although her job in the lab does not allow Avni to wear any makeup during the week, for the weekends she clides on a little concealer, blush and eye liner. Lucky Avni has enviously smooth skin and does not require a lot of makeup naturally.

Makeup artist Pamela Taylor wanted to play into Avni's makeup routine and decided to just take Avni's makeup routine and add a dash more highlighting and contouring around the cheeks. Taylor explains, "I lifeted her eye brows and found she just needed some soft highlights around her cheekbone to bring more attention to the center of her face." A little pre-base cream and a dash of orange undertoned concealer to balance out Avni's under eye and she was all set!

Club Monaco dress and handbag; PACO Paco Gil sandals ($199, available at HSN.com)

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