What LA’s It-Bloggers Drive

Blair Pfander
What LA’s It-Bloggers Drive
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If there’s one thing that LA style bloggers take as seriously as their sunglasses, it’s cars, which—as anyone who has visited the sunshine coast will tell you—are as important to Angelenos as handbags are to New Yorkers. After all, with hundreds of miles of freeway and legendarily bad traffic, Californians log an unusually high number of hours in their cars.
So it comes as no surprise that these six West Coast style bloggers not only drive cool whips, but have fond memories attached to them. Here, they tell us where they’ve been, and where they’re headed next.
See you on the open road.
What are you driving—and does it have a nickname? Tell us in the comments!

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Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel keeps a white Mercedes C300 in tip-top condition.

Nickname: "She's pretty new so still deciding—definitely a 'she' though," Marie says. 

Best Car-Related Memory: "Driving down PCH with my girlfriends, the windows down, sun roof open, in bikinis heading to the beach," according to Marie. 

Next Stop: "Wanting to do a Cali road trip, so maybe heading towards San Francisco," Marie says.

Photo: /Cheyenne Meets Chanel

Considering Sacha Pytka is over six feet tall, a giant Ford Raptor is a suitably serious car for this Soyons Ouf blogger. 

Nickname: "The Truck." 

In the Glove Compartment: "Insurance and registration," Pytka says. "Nothing too exciting. All the cool stuff is in the center console!" 

Best Car-Related Memory: "Impromptu camping trips," according to Pytka.  

Next Stop: "Burning Man!"

Photo: /Soyons Ouf

Laurie Brucker of Laurie Bstyle's 2012 Ford Escape has plenty of room for the style blogger's major personality.

Nickname: "The Generaless," Brucker says. "My last car was an Explorer aptly named, The General."

In the Glove Compartment: "A vintage pair of sunglasses, Philosophy lotion, Yogurtland receipt, umbrella, and an energy crystal to keep me in the flow," Brucker says. 

Next Stop: "Nordstrom Santa Monica to pre-shop for the next client I'm styling," Brucker says. "Stylist by day, blogger by night. The Generaless marches on!"

Photo: /Laurie B

Nikoleta Panteva of Live Love LA picked a stylish silver shade for her 2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe—not surprising, given the blogger's famously good fashion taste. 

Nickname: "Lola." 

Best Car-Related Memory: "Windows down, music up, cruising the Sunset Strip," Panteva says. 

Next Stop: "Vegas!"

Photo: /Live Love LA

Amber Kekich of A Scene of Changery picked a chic Mini Cooper whip to keep her looking good on the go. 

Nickname: "NeNe."

In the Glove Compartment: "Sewing kit, lint roller, hand sanitizer and mascara," Kekich says.

Best Car-Related Memory: "I make them every day," according to Kekich. "Mostly smoking and listening to country music."

Next Stop: "Venice."

Photo: /A Scene of Changery

Stephanie Liu of Honey & Silk has been on plenty of adventures with her 2003 Lexus RX300.

Nickname: "Rosie—like Rosie the Riveter."

Best Car-Related Memory: "Rosie's been through a lot," Liu says. "The worst thing wasn't a car accident, but being the victim of my best friend's pre-partying gone cray. Let's just say she needed a deep cleaning after my friend hung her head out the window."

Next stop: "Whole Foods after a long week in Vegas," according to Liu.

Photo: /Honey & Silk

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