Kyra Was Warned About Will Before the ‘Love Island’ Finale—Here’s What to Know About if They’re Still Together

Kyra, Will, Love Island US
Photo: Sara Mally/CBS.

As one of the most controversial couples this summer, it’s understandable why fans want to know if Kyra and Will are still together from Love Island US season 3 or whether the “red flags” Kyra was told about Will before the finale have led her to leave him post-show.

But before we reveal Kyra and Will’s relationship now, let’s explain how Love Island works: Love Island, which originally premiered in the United Kingdom in 2005, starts with 10 or so singles who are invited to a villa on a tropical island with the hopes of finding love. Within seconds of meeting each other, the contestants are asked to couple up. As couples, the contestants are required to sleep in the same bed and complete challenges with each other. As the season continues, more contestants are invited to the villa, and islanders already there have to make a choice about whether to stay with their current partner or couple up with someone new.

Each week, there’s a re-coupling, and the contestants who aren’t in a couple are sent home. In the end, the public votes for their favorite couple among the finalists, and the winner receives a cash prize. On Love Island US, that prize is $100,000 However, the money doesn’t go to the couple as a whole. Instead, it goes to one person by random draw. That person must then decide whether to share the money with their partner or keep it for themselves. Love Island US premiered in July 2019. Season 3, which premiered in July 2021 and aired its finale on August 15, was filmed at a villa in Nīnole, Hawaii.

What was Kyra & Will’s relationship like on Love Island US?

Kyra, a 23-year-old healthcare analyst from Honolulu, Hawaii, was one of 10 original contestants on Love Island US season 3. Will Moncada, a 26-year-old model from Medellín, Colombia, was one of the first bombshells to join the season, and he and Kyra coupled up at the first re-coupling. Kyra and Will stayed strong throughout the season, but cracks started to show after Casa Amor, where will showed interest in Flo. Though Will was honest with Kyra about what happened during Casa Amor, other islanders weren’t convinced. After a game in which Kyra learned the public’s opinion of her relationship with Will (spoiler alert: it wasn’t good), Trina and Olivia talked to Kyra about “red flags” in their relationship, such as that Will didn’t seem as committed to her as she seemed to him.

Though Kyra heard what her friends had to say, she stayed with Will. Later, Kyra received a call from her family, and her dad also expressed his concerns about Will. Still, Kyra and Will continued their relationship, and during their last date on Love Island, Will asked Kyra to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. At the Love Island season 3 finale, Kyra and Will came in second. So are Kyra and Will still together from Love Island US season 3? Read on for what we know.

Kyra, Will, Love Island US

Image: Sara Mally/CBS.

Are Kyra & Will still together from Love Island US?

So…are Kyra and Will still together from Love Island US season 3? The answer is yes. After the Love Island season 3 finale, Will shared a post on his Instagram Story of him and Kyra at the airport as they left Hawaii. The video showed Kyra kissing Will on the cheek. Kyra then shared boomerang on her Instagram Story of her and Will on the airplane. The boomerang showed Will with Kyra’s leg over his lap, as he caressed her leg. Kyra also reposted a video from their Love Island co-star Bailey’s Instagram Story, which showed her and Will leaving the airport together. “Ew, you’re so cute,” Bailey said in the video. Once they arrived at their destination, Will also posted several photos and videos of him and Kyra with her friends and family in Hawaii, which seemed that they’re committed to dating after Love Island.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight after the Love Island finale, Kyra and Will confirmed they’re still together and will continue dating after the show. “We have a few plans to travel around together. We both love to travel and just go on adventures. We both live in the same area, so it was really easy for us to envision sharing each other’s lives together. We both have our own places and just a normal, healthy relationship,” Kyra said. “Just making time for each other, doing the things we enjoy together, being healthy and going out to restaurants and going on hikes and going to the beach, going surfing, and road trips and everything like that. All the fun adventures and times that we’re going to spend together, that’s what I’m so excited for.”

Will added, “In the short term, we have planning to be in Hawaii. Now we are here, we have to enjoy the time here. And then I go in September to Colombia because my sister… I’m going to be an uncle. Then, I’m going to be probably 15 days, 20 days in Colombia and she’s going to come to visit me too. That’s only a short period, but in the long period of course we have to know more about each other on the outside and live together. There are so many things to explore and to know about each other too. How I told her in the finale, it’s going to be the beginning of so many things.”

Will also defended himself amid claims that he wan’t as into Kyra as she was into him. “Definitely in the beginning of the relationship, I told her I want to go more slowly and explore more slowly. And at one point, we always were feeling things and I told her, ‘I always feeling with you,'” he said.  “And one point, she was here and I was here [shows them at different levels with his hands]. But then later, we were in the same page and I feel that’s normal in a relationship, not always both growing at the same point. Then in the end, the thing is that I also in the same page with her. I’m feeling the same. We were feeling together.”

He continued, “For me, I was scared too of commitment and so many things because my past. Then later on, I analyzed myself and I was like, ‘What am I scared for if she’s a great woman, if she is so nice? She makes me feel good and she made me so secure?’ In that point, I realized myself that I was scared of taking that step, but after I took the step, I felt grateful and I felt good. Now, we are together and things are growing more and more and more. We are on the same page now.”

Will and Kyra’s relationship wasn’t without controversy though. After her elimination, their Love Island co-star Aimee accused them of talking before the show. “When I peeped Kyra’s Instagram, I saw Will commenting on all her pictures,” Aimee claimed in an Instagram Live in August.

She added, “What is the point of going through this rigorous schedule of us trying hard not to see each other [before filming]? You know, how we had to make sure we missed each other so that we didn’t know who was on the show? I’m like, ‘What’s the point of doing all that if these people already know each other and are talking to each other prior to going on the show?’ So, I don’t know, I think that’s just odd.”

While Aimee noted that she didn’t know if Will and Kyra “had a plan” to win Love Island before filming started, she claimed it wasn’t “fair” to other contestants that they knew each other. “But, they definitely knew each other before going on the show, so that’s not fair to all of us,” she said. “Like, what if Wes [her boyfriend that she met on Love Island] and I talked to each other for, like, a month prior to going on the show [and] we already established something, then we go on the show and we continue that?”

Cashay, another contestant on Love Island, also claimed that Kyra “knew a lot” about her co-stars and “where the villa was gonna be” before filming started. “She did a lot of research about the show before going on,” she said. “She knew a lot, y’all … and, like, really dug for [details].”

Love Island US is available to stream on Paramount Plus. Here’s how to watch it for free, and how to watch Love Island UK in the US.

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