Kylie Jenner Is Determined to Make Underboob a Thing

Gretchen Wieners couldn’t make fetch happen, but fetch didn’t involve a topless-adjacent Kylie Jenner and 92.8 million Instagram followers. Yes, yesterday, Kylie treated her Instagram followers to not one underboob photo but two.

While the trend gained some traction back in 2014, it largely remains the domain of ill-fitting garments outside the Kardashian-Jenner hotbed of Calabasas, California. Last year, Kendall Jenner announced via Snapchat that “underboob was her ting,” but that was a month after Kim Kardashian showed off the look in a white swimsuit.

And just last week, half-sister Kourtney tried to make it happen in a red bikini during a vacation for the 38th birthday.

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That was all before Kylie’s crusade, though. Only time and rising crop tops will tell if the 19-year-old can bring underboob to the masses. But for now, here’s what we do know: If anyone can make underboob a “ting,” it’s Kylie.