Of Course Kylie Jenner Gave Tyga Some NSFW Cupcakes for His B-Day

Of Course Kylie Jenner Gave Tyga Some NSFW Cupcakes for His B-Day
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Tyga’s 27th birthday is tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start celebrating. In true Kardashian fashion, Kylie Jenner had a chill pre-birthday party for him at her place—and then served him some NSFW cupcakes at 30,000 feet or whatever. “I put cupcakes on da plane,” Jenner posted on Snapchat, documenting her little treats for Tyga. And though the first pic was pretty PG, the second shot was clearly R-rated, including boobs and a butt made with icing.

“I’m so corny,” Jenner added, showing off the second tray of cupcakes. We have to say—we’ve definitely seen sexier things in our lives, but, you know, to each their own.

In a third Snap, Tyga added a finishing touch to one of the cupcakes, eating some of the icing and teasing his girlfriend about her famous posterior. “Gotta make it more real, flatten it a little bit,” he said, eliciting a gasp from Jenner.

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Earlier in the day, Tyga and Kylie—Kyga?—hung out with his 4-year-old, King Cairo, after Tyga was surprised with balloons and a cake. “Happy birthdayyy!” Jenner shrieked, as little King jumped up and down with excitement on the immaculate kitchen counter.

Looks like Tyga, Jenner, King, and Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods had a grand old time at the little party, with many shouts of “YAYYY” all around. Good times. Side note: Can’t wait to see what Jenner gives Tyga this year. After that Bentley just for fun, we’re sure she has something epic in store.

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