Whoa—Kylie Jenner Looks 100% Identical To Kim Kardashian In This Photo

Kim Wong-Shing
Kylie Jenner
Photo: Shutterstock.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters all look alike in some ways, which makes sense because hello, family. But sometimes the resemblance is truly uncanny. Kylie Jenner twinning with Kim Kardashian in this photo is not surprising, but also it is surprising, you know what I mean?

Kylie and Kim have actually shared many twin moments—like, over 50 of them and counting. Even when they’re not posing together, they often wear similar outfits, do similar makeup, and strike similar poses. And hey, it’s only natural. Not only do they share DNA, but they’re also very close with each other, as is the entire KarJenner family. Kim even chose her youngest baby’s name, Psalm, with Kylie’s help! They’re basically besties, and we all know how besties tend to look more and more alike over time.

This latest twin moment happened when Kylie posted a selfie in a little black dress on Instagram. She’s wearing a black dress by Maison Margiela, Chanel sunglasses, a Dior Purse and a sleek black bob. Between her lipstick and her waist-to-hip ratio, she could 100% pass for Kim in this pic.

Kim hasn’t remarked on her younger sister brazenly stealing her identity for this photo. Like, is she gonna press charges or what?

The pair will be attending the Emmys this weekend, along with their other sis, Kendall Jenner. The three will present an award together.

When she’s not committing identity theft or hitting up award shows, Kylie has been busy posing nude for Playboy, taking care of her adorable daughter Stormi and getting roasted by her fam for being so rich. The young billionaire has more in common with Kim than just her looks. She also shares Kim’s entrepreneurial spirit. Kylie may soon be building her empire even more—she’s reportedly thinking of expanding into bed linen, wine and more.