Kylie Jenner Responds to Fan Saying Stormi Looks Like Her ‘Before Plastic Surgery’

Kylie Jenner Responds to Fan Saying Stormi Looks Like Her ‘Before Plastic Surgery’
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If there’s one thing that we love about the Kardashian-Jenners, it’s their self-awareness about what the internet is saying about them. Case in point: Kylie Jenner‘s latest interaction with a fan who made fun of her plastic surgery. Over the weekend, the 20-year-old’s Instagram saw a lot of attention after she shared photos of her newborn daughter, Stormi Webster, whom she shares with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

Immediately, the internet began roasting the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star for how much her baby looks like her—before her plastic surgery. (Jenner has been open about receiving lip fillers, as seen in an episode of “Life of Kylie.”) Fans began digitally imposing Stormi’s picture next to a baby picture of Kylie to show (and poke fun at) their uncanny resemblance.

“why does stormi look more like kylie than kylie did lol,” one fan wrote, alongside a picture Stormi (left) and a baby picture of Kylie (right.)

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Of course, this isn’t the first time the internet has dragged Kylie for this topic. In February, Kylie set herself up by replying to a fan about how much Stormi looks like her when she was a baby. Immediately, the internet went in with the plastic surgery jokes.

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Kylie didn’t respond to the roasting that time. But this time, she came prepared. Instead of shutting down the joke, Kylie laughed with fans, commending the internet for their creative roast. “lol my girl,” she replied, along with two heart emojis and a smiley face emoji.

Though we’re hesitant to make light of body-shaming in the form of plastic surgery bullying, it’s nice to know that Jenner’s not afraid to poke fun of herself. Twitter trolls clearly have no sway over Jenner right now, who’s clearly on cloud nine spending time with Stormi and her family.