Wow—Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Have Already Decided On Custody Over Stormi

Kim Wong-Shing
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Photo: Shutterstock.

We’re honestly still recovering from the news of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s breakup, but the former couple is way ahead of the game. They’ve already come to a custody agreement for their one-year-old daughter, Stormi. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s custody over Stormi post-breakup is reportedly a 50/50 arrangement, so Stormi will spend equal amounts of time with both parents.

The news of Kylie and Travis’s split just broke yesterday. TMZ reported that they are officially “both single” and “walking away from their relationship,” at least for now. Although this is a new and frankly shocking development to fans, the couple has apparently been separated for a few weeks and they’ve been “trying to make the relationship work for a while.” They were fighting a lot, and rumors first started flying about a breakup when fans noticed that a framed photo of the couple was missing from Kylie’s table. Things may not be over forever, but for now, they’re each taking space away from the relationship to focus on themselves.

No matter what happens, they share the same priority: their daughter. “They’ll continue to co-parent, and will keep Stormi as their number 1 priority,” a source told TMZ.

On that note, the couple has reportedly come to a 50/50 custody agreement.

“[They’ve] agreed to split 50/50 custody and co-parent their daughter as they work out their personal issues,” The Blast reports.

A source also told E! News that “Travis has been staying at his house in Beverly Hills and Kylie has been allowing him to see Stormi.” Kylie “would never take that away from him,” the source added.

Kylie and Travis have taken breaks before, only to get back together and resume their relationship. Who knows whether that will be the case again? Only time will tell!