Kylie Jenner Just Subtly Responded to Those Travis Scott Cheating Rumors From Way Back

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott
Photo: Getty Images.

Finally, an answer. Kylie Jenner responded to Travis Scott cheating rumors from way back when, and we feel better about their past relationship. The response came on Friday, March 27, when Kylie and her friends—Stassie Karanikolaou, Yris Palmer and Victoria Villarroel—played a game of “Who’s Most Likely To?”

One of the questions asked which of the four is “most likely to forgive a cheating partner,” to which Stassi responded, “None of us.” Kylie then added, “Yeah, honestly, fuck that. Next question.” Though it wasn’t a direct response to the Travis cheating rumors that have been floating around for a year, fans did connect Kylie’s response to her relationship with the “Sicko Mode” rapper.

In March 2019, TMZ reported that Kylie accused Travis of cheating on her, which led him to postpone his Astroworld Tour concert in Buffalo, New York, to stay in Los Angeles to be with his then-girlfriend. (TMZ reports that Travis’ team claimed the postponement was because of an illness.) The site also wrote that Kylie found “evidence” that Travis had been unfaithful to her, which led to explosive argument between the two.

The reports were never confirmed and Kylie and Travis stayed together until their breakup in October 2019. Around that time, rumors also swirled that Travis had cheated on Kylie with an Instagram influencer by the name of Rojean Kar. Travis later responded to the rumors on his Instagram Story, writing: “None of these rumors are true, it’s just the internet creating a false narrative. Please stop spreading lies & leave him, her & I alone because it’s affecting real lives. Thank you.”

Since then, Kylie hasn’t confirmed or denied the cheating rumors—though her recent YouTube video suggests that Travis didn’t cheat on her in March 2019, which is why she took him back at the time. Who knows what the reason was for Kylie and Travis’ split? Some sources claim it’s because of their different opinions on whether they want another child, while others report that their relationship simply ran its course. In the end, though, Kylie and Travis remain awesome coparents for their 2-year-old daughter, Stormi, and that’s all that matters.