Can We All Agree That Kylie Jenner’s New Birkin Looks Like Bacon?

Bella Gerard
Can We All Agree That Kylie Jenner’s New Birkin Looks Like Bacon?
Photo: MEGA; Adobe.

Two things I love? Breakfast foods and luxury goods. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m all about a bacon Birkin. As catchy as the name sounds, I think we can all agree that Kylie Jenner’s new tie-die Birkin bag—which was either gifted or cost her thousands of $$$—looks a lot like bacon.

I’m not a KarJenner hater (for real, some of y’all are jealous and it shows) so personally, I enjoy seeing what the girls flaunt on the ‘Gram. I’m nowhere near able to afford any of the luxury clothes, shoes and bags they possess, so if I get a glimpse through an IG Story, I’m thankful to at least see these things in all their glory.

That said, I feel like Kylie is always flaunting a new Birkin—which, if you aren’t familiar, is the iconic Hermes handbag designed back in 1984 by Jean-Louis Dumas. The bag is a celebrity staple, and can cost anywhere between $12,000 and $500,000. Some people spend their whole lives saving up just to get one (plus, you know, there’s a hella long waitlist) but celebs like Kylie, Cardi B and even makeup mogul Jeffree Star boast massive collections, with bags in every color and material you can imagine.

I usually like Jenner’s fashion taste, but speaking of “taste,” we can all agree it looks like a strip of bacon was wrapped around the handle, right? RIGHT?! I mean, I can’t unsee it! I saw the photo below posted to her Instagram Story last night and bacon quite literally haunted my dreams.

STYLECASTER | Kylie Jenner Tie Dye Birkin

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram.

I guess the spiral situation in the middle reminds me of tie-dye, but seriously, who chose this color scheme?! Jenner has so many other Birkins, I wonder if it’s more about getting the next hot new design than actually appreciating the particular bag’s aesthetic. Or, maybe I’m all wrong and Stormi is going through a bacon phase, and Mama Kylie brings this bag, filled to the brim with bacon, whenever Stormi goes on a playdate.

Regardless, it’s safe to say my breakfast this morning will be ~inspired~ by Jenner’s fashion choices. And Ky, if you do decide you’re over the bacon Birkin, you can totally send it my way. I’ll take what I can get.

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