Important Question: Is Kylie Jenner the Lead Singer of Terror Jr?

Important Question: Is Kylie Jenner the Lead Singer of Terror Jr?
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Update: Kylie Jenner said definitively that she is not the lead singer of Terror Jr on Snapchat. “Hey guys. Public announcement: I’m not the singer of Terror Jr or whatever,” she said. “I love their music, but for those wondering it’s not me guys. It’s not me. So, yeah, I don’t know if the band is trying to get a little attention or what’s going on, but it’s not me.”

Supposedly, Kylie found out about the whole brouhaha from her mom, Kris Jenner. “My mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band and I’m like, ’Is this that serous?’” she said.

It’s definitely serious—and diehard fans are still convinced she’s part of Terror Jr, and just covering up. Hmm.

Original Post, 11/8/16: Some outlets would have you believe that Kylie Jenner launched a music career under our very noses, and we were none the wiser. But before you get too excited, back up a sec.

First off, ICYMI, rumors have been swirling about Jenner’s music career for a while. Her pal Harry Hudson stoked the flames when he tweeted about an EP she was supposedly set to release earlier April 1, only to delete his tweet right away. Then there was that weird music video that was purportedly just a Lip Kit advert, which dropped March 31, the day before that EP was set to launch. The video, which is a cross between Jenner’s regular Snapchats of herself applying lip gloss and Spring Breakers, is set to a song called “3 Strikes” by Terror Jr, a band that didn’t exist before the visual dropped. Terror Jr’s very first Instagram, artwork for “3 Strikes,” was posted March 31.

Hudson’s exact tweet, by the way, was apparently as follows, according to Digital Spy: “So Proud of you Kylie for overcoming your fears and making this EP, it’s actually amazing. Can’t wait for the world to hear. 4/1 #LLSC.” Mmm hmm.

And now a fan has done a little deep-diving, and found that Jenner is listed as one of the performers on “3 Strikes,” according to ASCAP’s records. “CONFIRMED: Kylie Jenner is indeed the singer of Terror Jr. Check out ASCAP’s registered works,” she tweeted.

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There is definitely some damning evidence. In addition to everything previously mentioned, a lot of Terror Jr’s art is very Kylie-centric (lips that look like Lip Kit lips, a photo of a girl from behind in a pink wig). Also, Terror Jr is only following one person on Instagram: Jenner.

But ASCAP’s records list Lisa Vitale as one of the three writers of “3 Strikes,” and the internet has posted a bunch of videos debunking the Jenner rumors, pointing out that Vitale’s voice on other tracks sounds exactly like “3 Strikes”—and Jenner’s voice on that Lil Yachty track sounds nothing like “3 Strikes.” And we have to say—the internet makes some good points here.

In 2015, Jenner was cagey about her musical future. “No… I don’t know,” she told ET  in regard to whether her future had any pop songs in it. “I like to keep all that to myself.”

Final question: “3 Strikes” is definitely heavily Auto-Tuned, but is it that Auto-Tuned? Hard to say. The singer on “Come First,” Terror Jr’s latest hit, which has been getting a lot of attention of late, really does sound like it could be an Auto-Tuned Jenner, even more so than “3 Strikes.” That song isn’t even listed on ASCAP, so we can’t say who appears on the list of performers one way or another. But one thing is for sure: More will be revealed about this mystery soon. In the meantime, enjoy listening to these tracks over and over, trying to decide if this breathy voice sounds like Jenner or not.

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