Kylie Jenner Takes Us All on a Snapchat Tour of Her New Mansion



It’s been two months since Kylie Jenner bought a $6 million house in Hidden Hills, CA. We’ve seen plenty of glimpses of it here and there and in the background of selfies, but yesterday the 18-year-old gave us the most extensive tour yet. That’s not to say it’s a comprehensive or a well-thought-out tour — this is Kylie and Snapchat after all, so, you know, manage your expectations.

First, we get to see her kitchen, which she “missed.”

We would miss our kitchen too if someone else was keeping it stocked and organized.

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And then there are her dogs, which aren’t allowed upstairs, or — we’re guessing — on the other side of this door where her elevator will be. The house, after all, has two floors.

The dining room, along with the table where her dog statues sit.

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More dogs and what looks like her dining room taken over by clothes and assistants.