Kylie Jenner Is Getting Dragged for Smoking Again

Kylie Jenner Is Getting Dragged for Smoking Again
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Kylie Jenner is used to posing for selfies with questionable things—an anaconda, a half-ripped sweater, Fit Tea—but nothing gets the Internet more riled up than when the 19-year-old smokes.

Yesterday, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star posted a sultry black-and-white selfie of her on Instagram, and while she looked bangin’, per usual, the Internet wasn’t a fan of her latest accessory: a lit cigarette (which could also be a marijuana joint.) In the picture, the reality star lounges on her bed topless as a hand fixes her hair and smoke wafts from her lips.

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Clearly, this wasn’t one of Kylie’s average iPhone-and-mirror selfies. This was a full-blown photoshoot meant for her to look more glamorous (or at least more aesthetic) than usual. The ~artsy~ pic didn’t go over well with the Internet, who slammed the star for glamorizing smoking and promoting such a bad habit. Some fans also made the valid point that Kylie is able to flaunt her smoking, while many people of color face jail time for doing the same.

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With nearly 100 million Instagram followers, Kylie’s got a lot of influence. If you need proof, take a look at these tweets from fans who are considering smoking after Kylie lit up and posted it to Insta.

If it’s a plus, the selfie isn’t recent. It’s part of a smoking-in-bed series Kylie did in March. Still, we hope Kylie nixes the smoking selfies all together and sticks to the Fit Tea spon. (Never thought we’d say that one.)