Kylie Jenner Dragged by Fans for Smoking a Cigarette

Kylie Jenner Dragged by Fans for Smoking a Cigarette
Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner‘s fans may love her smokin’ hot pictures on Instagram, but an actual photo of the 19-year-old smoking? You know, the kind with a cigarette? That didn’t go over so well with the reality star’s 95 million followers. While the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is used to getting slammed for her, er, often controversial photos, this time she might have her sister, Kendall Jenner, to blame for the insane amount of dragging she’s weathering.

On Sunday, Kenny showed off her photography skills when she snapped an ~artsy~ black-and-white photo of Kylie moving through a crowd. While Kylie’s lips looked plump and fab, per usual, fans couldn’t help but notice an accessory they really wished the makeup mogul didn’t bring along: a lit cigarette in between Kylie’s perfectly manicured nails.

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Though it’s unclear if Kylie actually took a puff of the cig (in the pic, it looks like she’s passing it on to someone else), fans were still quick to criticize the younger Jenner sister for promoting such an unhealthy habit.

“@KylieJenner I love u so much and look up to you but Kendall posted a picture of u smoking which is not okay and im heart broken,” one fan tweeted at her.

“So @KylieJenner smokes. Disappointed,” another person added.

This isn’t the first time Kylie has taken up tobacco for ~aesthetic~ purposes, either. Those who keep up with Kylie are probably aware of the star’s memorable bed-and-couch series, where she casually lounged on the couch while taking an artsy puff.

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While Kylie is her own woman and is free to do whatever she wants, it’s important to note that 8.6 million people currently live with a smoking-related illness in the United States and Ky has a huge influence. Plus, what what would Kris think, Kylie?