Important: Is Kylie Jenner Launching Her Own Brand of Merch?!

Important: Is Kylie Jenner Launching Her Own Brand of Merch?!
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We already know that Kylie Jenner is about to launch her very own pop-up shop, her first foray into the land of brick and mortar shopping. That happens December 9 at the Westfield Topanga shopping mall in the San Fernando Valley. Big news, super exciting. But we’re beginning to think that’s not all for the reality star. Speculation is running high on the internet that Jenner is poised to launch something way bigger than a place for people to buy her Lip Kits IRL (instead of on the internet). And that big thing, folks, is called the Kylie Shop.

Launched last Friday, the same day that Jenner announced her pop-up shop, the Instagram for the Kylie Shop guides viewers to an outside link to the Kylie Jenner Shop, which for now is just a black page with a countdown to December 9.

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At first glance, that countdown and Instagram could easily just be hype tools to get fans super stoked for her pop-up (as though extra excitement were even needed—people are already rabidly buying her cosmetics online at a breakneck rate). But the IG account is riddled with shots of Kylie merch—in one, Jenner poses in an oversize black tee with a photo of herself in lingerie on it, with the caption “”; in another, a headless model (possibly/probably Jenner herself) rocks a “KYLIE” sweatshirt with lace bike shorts and heels.

Though some outlets have speculated that Jenner is about to launch a lingerie line, we’re not convinced. According to Vogueshe’s wearing Agent Provocateur (not Kylie Jenner) lingerie in the shots on IG, which are from a steamy photoshoot she did with Sasha Samsonova. She did post a pic of herself in a bra and panties with “KYLIE” branded across the butt, but it doesn’t seem like she’s about to launch a full-on line of lacy underpinnings—though the KYLIE bra and panties might be available. In fact, it’s more than likely that a whole slew of such merch shall soon be available via the Kylie Shop.

All in all, we can be sure much more is coming December 9 than that Kylie Cosmetics pop-up. As to what delights, exactly, the Kylie Shop will bring—well, that will just be the first of many magical holiday surprises to look forward to this holiday season.

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