Kylie Jenner Posts Sexiest Instagram Ever, Breaks the Internet

Kylie Jenner Posts Sexiest Instagram Ever, Breaks the Internet
Photo: Wenn

The internet may or may not be broken right now, because Kylie Jenner took it upon herself to post a sexy image so smoldering-hot that it tops even the sexiest of her previous Instagram images, which is really saying something. But after all that hype during New York Fashion Week, she had to do something to gather attention and get those likes. So—gather she did.

We didn’t think it was possible either, but Jenner has outshone herself. Somewhat trying to deflect the laser focus from her body and humblebrag a bit, Jenner captioned this one, “I love creative directing my own shoots with @sashasamsonova can’t wait for our next one!” Might have been more honest to just go with “🔥,” but—to each her own.

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Photographer Sasha Samsonova also posted the pic on IG—a respectful 20 minutes after Jenner did so—and added, “YES!!!! @kyliejenner ❤️🎞📷 Can’t Wait!”

Jenner has definitely used social media to show off her bangin’ bod more than a couple of times in the past, and we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing quite a bit of skin on Instagram. Observe:

Looking forward to many more bikini pics to come.

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