Kylie Jenner Might Sell Kylie Cosmetics & It Would Make Her Even Richer

Kylie Jenner.
Photo: Shutterstock.

No place to go but up! Kylie Jenner might sell Kylie Cosmetics for $600 million. The beauty mogul has an offer from Coty Inc (the company that owns CoverGirl, OPI, and Sally Hansen) so Jenner is reportedly toying witch the idea of selling. The internet has long-debated the question of whether or not Jenner is actually a “self-made” billionaire. But what can’t be debated? The fact that she continues to create businesses and lines that make bank. She has such a high following and fan base, literally anything she promotes or makes herself sells out so quick. It’s not surprising Coty, Inc. wants in on that action.

According to a “well-placed” Women’s Wear Daily source, Coty, Inc. is in the process of making a deal with Jenner—$600 mill for a little more than half of Kylie Cosmetics. Apparently, Jenner would be able to hold onto 49% of the company. This would mean the 21-year-old would still have control of the company and benefit from the profits. (Can we just pause for a sec—she is 21. TWENTY. ONE. Talk about young success. She is so impressive).

Previous WWD reports said Jenner has been on the lookout for potential buyers of Kylie Cosmetics for a while, but it holding out for the best offer. Makes sense. We’re curious to see if a bidding war commences following these potential buyout rumors. If Coty Inc. is successful with this deal,  it could mean we may start to see Kylie Cosmetics in drug stores. Coty products are usually sold in CVS and Walgreens, so perhaps we won’t have to wait for our lip kits to come in the mail. We shall see!