Kylie Jenner’s Biggest Fear Is Not What You Would Expect

Kylie Jenner & Stormi Webster
Photo: YouTube

After hanging out on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, the youngest member of the KarJenner clan was featured in some extra footage of ‘Ellen’s Burning Questions’ today alongside her daughter, Stormi Webster. In the clip, Kylie Jenner reveals her biggest fear, and honestly, we are so perplexed by it. Kylie, who recently turned 22, is afraid of something that has existed in every common household at one point or another. Can you guess?

It’s dust. Our girl is afraid of dust! Um, are you good, Kylie?

Let’s be clear here, though. It’s not just dust that Kylie’s skeeved out by. “The strangest thing I’m afraid of is, like, dust in a cup,” she explained. Ok—so Kylie’s phobia specifically includes dusty cups. “I don’t know why,” she continued, “It’s, like, one of my pet peeves is when there’s a lot of dust in a cup and it’s getting in my system.” Which, yeah, makes sense; there’s nothing cute about ingesting dust! But several questions remain: Can’t Kylie find someone to just—oh, I don’t know—clean her dusty cups? Why are they so dusty to begin with? And what constitutes “a lot” of dust in a cup? How much dust are we talking here?!

I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it (I guess this fear is not that strange after all!) Thankfully, Kylie also talked about plenty other than her fear of dust during her time in the ‘Burning Questions’ hot seat. She revealed plenty about Stormi, who looked adorable as ever sitting in her mother’s lap. But don’t let her angel-face fool you; Stormi is already shaping up to be a riot.

“Recently, she’s really into M&M’s. She gets the M&M’s and she melts them in her hands,” Kylie said, looking at Stormi. “And then you put them all over my white couch.” Oops! And the mess doesn’t stop there: when Kylie asked Stormi “Who loves you most?” her tiny tot responded, “Daddy!” Um, ouch!

“Every time,” Kylie sighed. At least Travis Scott is one lucky guy!