Kylie Jenner Turns 19, Debuts (Really, Really) Red Hair

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Kylie Jenner‘s birthday is not unlike Christmas in that there’s so much build-up to it that by the time it finally happens it’s like, Is this still happening? And, yes, Kylie’s birthday, which began over a week ago when she launched her new makeup line with an early blowout in L.A., is very much still happening. In fact, it’s happening today, August 10. And while she’s already gotten a car, a puppy, and a bouncy house, she can now add red hair to the list.

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Or, more likely, she can add a red wig to it. Last night, she posted a pic of herself with red braids on Instagram, captioning it only with an enigmatic red heart. But it’s believed to be a wig because Tokyo Stylez, who People reports is her “go-to wig guy,” retweeted the photo, saying “Happy bday @kyliejenner#touchedbytokyo.”

Was Kylie touched by Tokyo, or did she really dye her hair red? We suspect it won’t be long before we find out.