So, Kylie Jenner Says She’s Going to Try Online Dating Now

So, Kylie Jenner Says She’s Going to Try Online Dating Now
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Next time you scroll through your dating app looking for a match in the Los Angeles area, Kylie Jenner just might pop up in your options. “I want to try it out,” she told Elle. “I want to tell someone to meet me at the yogurt shop. I mean, maybe I won’t get out of the car, maybe I’ll just stalk them and see who shows up, but I’ll try it!”

OK, so she may just wants to basically troll dating apps, but—tomato, to-mah-to. Though she happened to let this little soundbite loose at a party hosted by the dating app Bumble known as Winter Bumbleland, it seems as though she wasn’t just on contract to say this, because Kendall Jenner was extremely anti at the same party. “I have never, and I probably would never” try a dating app, Kendall told Elle. “I’m the old-fashioned type. Let’s meet and have a real conversation. Texting is very modern, but that’s as far as I go. And I want to meet you first.”

It’s possible that somehow Kendall missed the memo about how she was supposed to wax poetic about the magic of dating apps, since she definitely missed the mark on that Pepsi ad, but—who knows.

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Maybe Kylie’s just trying to make Tyga jealous. After all, they both hit up Coachella, but—very much unlike last year—they partied separately. Are they really broken up, or are they just taking yet another break? We’re asking the deep questions on this partly-sunny Monday afternoon.

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