If You Squint, Kylie Jenner Is Straight-Up Naked in This Pic

In Kylie Jenner‘s latest online venture, she stripped down to some barely-there lingerie that also happened to be the color of her skin, positioned herself in front of a very large mirror, and had at it with the iPhone. All we can say is—yeah, she really does look naked at first glance.

But IG isn’t coming after her for freeing the nipple. She kept that on lockdown, containing it in a plunging underwire bra that didn’t do a ton for leaving things to the imagination, but at least kept things semi-PG-13.

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Jenner’s never been shy about taking most of her clothes off for Instagram, but she’s been repping the almost-naked shots harder than usual of late. Just two days ago, Jenner posted what we deemed her sexiest photo yet, and it was no hyperbole: Standing alongside a massive SUV, Jenner posed in a black swimsuit of many cutouts, a pair of furry boots, some sort of oversize jacket, a pair of sunnies, and nothing else, staring down the camera like it was her job. Well, actually, it is. OK, then. Carry on.

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