This Kylie Jenner Doppelgänger Will Fool Even the Biggest ‘KUWTK’ Fans

This Kylie Jenner Doppelgänger Will Fool Even the Biggest ‘KUWTK’ Fans
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Since rumors broke that Kylie Jenner might be pregnant, the 20-year-old has largely stayed off social media, aside from a few throwback posts and above-the-neck selfies to confuse fans. With the reality star’s 100 million followers thirsting for more Kylie content, fans have resorted to the next best thing: following her doppelgänger.

Amira, a 16-year-old woman from Algeria, is going viral for how much she looks like the Kylie Cosmetics founder. Her looks are so uncanny that she’s racked up more than 68,000 followers on Instagram (and counting), who flood her posts with comments like “the second Kylie Jenner,” “Kylie is dat u?” and “Tell me this isn’t Kylie Jenner.”

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Of course, with every celebrity lookalike, there are skeptics. But judging from Amira’s raven-black hair, plump lips, and A-plus contouring, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she has a drop of Jenner blood in her D.N.A. To make your own assessment, we collected her most Kylie-esque selfies. Check them out, ahead, and determine her lookalike potential for yourself.