Looks Like Kylie Jenner Just Chopped Her Hair into a Lob

Looks Like Kylie Jenner Just Chopped Her Hair into a Lob
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Honestly, we’re at the point where we cannot keep track of what color Kylie Jenner’s hair is. But in today’s K.J. hair news, she just debuted not a new hue, but an actual haircut—a shoulder-skimming lob—and we’re pretty sure it’s not a wig. But it could be. Because she’s really good at fooling the world with wigs from Tokyo Stylez that ooze with verisimilitude. We hope it isn’t a wig this time, though. We hope it’s real.

OK, let’s just be straightforward here: Yes, we want it to be an actual haircut, because that would be cool, but—only time will tell. A more realistic option: She’s likely been working with extensions this whole time, since she showed up to the Met Gala last year with a blunt bob, and sported that for a couple of months before going platinum—and long. Maybe she just took them out for a bit, and felt like showing them off on Snapchat.

Let’s go to the videotape.

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She also felt the need to point out that her hair still has a shock of blonde in it, because even the most expensive hair gurus in all the land aren’t perfect. That’s cool. So, the moral of the story here: Stars really are just like us.

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